Service • Repair • Installation

Watson Refrigeration is your best choice for heating and cooling in your home. We have decades of experience in Tucson and work with top brand suppliers such as Rheem, York and American Standard. Because we are not affiliated to an exclusive brand we can choose the best product for your needs and budget.

Service Maintenance Agreements

Watson Refrigeration offers you a non-binding and convenient Service Maintenance Agreement to keep your heating and cooling equipment running efficiently and economically.  With use, all systems lose efficiency. Regular service calls, twice a year for air conditioning and just once a year for heat pumps, keeps your system safe and a lot cheaper to operate.

Our service call includes cleaning your condenser coil to maintain top efficiency. This is a service for which most other HVAC companies charge extra. There is no need for you to sign a multi-year, extended service contract when you can trust Watson Refrigeration to keep your equipment running right.